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Elliot Langley
Developer & Designer
Elliot is a curious guy who likes to keep busy. He spends most of his time infront of the computer learning new skills in the digital world. He's a serious guy with a passion for technology but when the deadlines are met successfully he likes to have a good time with friends and family. His second home is the gym where he spends most of his time weight training. His favourite video game at the moment is Halo 2 Anniversary.
Seb Faull
Seb's a charasmatic young guy with a load of great ideas. He likes to keep himself up to date with all the latest technologies within digital media. He has a passion for front-end design & development and is always seeking to broaden his skills. Originally from London, he's always on the move and never runs out of fuel. He never gives up and likes to keep the spirit of the team up.